Hello to my TVXQ & JYJ blog (but i think this 2 things are actually the same so..yup. i think i am a very nice person and you can write whenever you want but i can get very uncomvy too :3

Currently watching: "secret love affair" and "Three days", also hannibal and supernatural aaand GOT

Books: HP, the mortal instruments and stuff

crushes: itamis, changdeer, jaeroic, tohoshinkidesu, dbsk-y, maeriji and the6002
"The three have briefly left home and the two of us have decided to take care of the house in the meantime so that TVXQ will not get forgotten. There are a lot of complex issues
but I’m hoping they will all get solved for the better one day."

faith? always.


12/50 pictures of Jensen Ackles


1/25 edits of Changmin being flawless.


1/25 edits of Changmin being flawless.

solo works by XIA

Favorite KPop Choreos (ÜTVXQ - Before U Go


You don’t know how much someone is worth to you

until you sell them

 Starring Junsu as the ball of sunshine, Jaejoong as the diva and Yoochun as the “wtf is going on”

Some people just stay the whole day procrastinating on the internet, watch too much tv shows and are emotionally invested in fictional characters a lot more than is safe for mental health.



I saw that eyebrow, sassboy.


Have you ever started to check your tumblr in the middle of getting dressed and half an hour later you’re still standing in your underwear with one sock on and also 15 minutes late.